About Us

Professor KAKITA, Akiyoshi
KAKITA, Akiyoshi


To provide the highest quality pathology services and scientific evidence focused on the advancement of developments in the field of neuropathology.


  • As an academic pathology department, we aim to deliver a high degree of professionalism in clinicopathological diagnostic services and neuropathology research, utilizing comprehensive and innovative approaches and building departmental competence to meet the needs of patients, institutions, and society.
  • Our approach will involve taking full advantage of opportunities to advance both the science and practice of neuropathology through individual and collaborative research, which hopefully will produce leading practitioners and researchers.
教 授(脳疾患標本資源解析学分野 兼任) 柿田 明美 Professor KAKITA, Akiyoshi
准教授 清水 宏 Associate Prof. SHIMIZU, Hiroshi
准教授(脳疾患標本資源解析学分野) 他田 真理 Associate Prof. TADA, Mari
特任准教授 北浦 弘樹 Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. KITAURA, Hiroki
助 教(脳疾患標本資源解析学分野) 齋藤 理恵 Assistant Prof. SAITO, Rie
特任助教 田中 英智 Specially Appointed Assistant Prof. TANAKA, Hidetomo
大学院生 齊ノ内 信 Graduates SAINOUCHI, Makoto
大学院生 Ramil GABDULKHAEV Graduates Ramil GABDULKHAEV
大学院生(神経内科) 林 秀樹 Graduates HAYASHI, Hideki
大学院生(脳神経外科) 高橋 陽彦 Graduates